School Focus and hocus pocus


Current school focus (although they say that it’s the welfare of the child… It’s really):

  • 1. student management,
  • 2. Budgets,
  • 3. staying competitive (good standardized testing scores so that they are judged favorably),
  • 4. crowd control (and security) to deal with violence,
  • 5. teacher satisfaction to the extent that they avoid union issues

Where schools should focus:

  • 1. Curriculum as it relates to the real world needs and the students’ future,
  • 2. Student’s positive emotional state and skill development related to their goals, abilities and future,
  • 3. Teacher’s emotional wellbeing, tools and support as it relates to their abilities to coach, nurture and motivate their students to do and be their best,
  • 4. Teacher tools for providing the active learning environment that is most engaging and necessary to the learning process,
  • 5. Training teachers to recognize and appreciate the divergience of their students and the benefits, strengths and vision already in them, ready to bloom and grow for the betterment of all.

Our Mission to create a paradigm shift in the teaching model


Our 2 Missions:

To provide teachers with the joyful and rewarding career that they deserve. To teach them to inspire and influence their students to learn with passion and with purpose.

To provide active learning for students so they tap into their natural enthusiasm for learning, develop a healthy self-esteem and receive the long-term meaning and success they deserve.