Teaching is Organic

Most of teacher training is about teaching content that the school district has decided is “required” for the sake of their agenda. No wonder why its missing the mark. It speaks to the desires of no student.
Current teaching styles relys on the student being forced and bullied or threatened into learning subjects that they may find meaningless and wasteful. Most teachers depend on the repetition of their personal learning/school experiences and the standards and modeling of their University’s Teaching program.
The old model of teaching is stubbornly engrained itself in all school systems and it’s a nasty virus like problem that won’t go away.
The only way to improve the education system and the learning results for our future is to actually change the model. We need to target new goals and set a new agenda.
Let’s start here:
Great teaching is organic! Yes, Organic! It’s a natural process, everyone learns from birth. In fact, as young children we learn more each day than we do while in “school”. People have a natural curiosity and a naturally strong desire to learn. Plus, if they are motivated on a topic enough, they become tenacious in their goals and won’t give up easily.
Organic learning is the best kind of learning. It’s the most fun and keeps the students highly curious and engaged. And this isn’t only for children, we use this teaching style with adults too and they rave about it.
Organic teaching:
Inspires the student’s desire to learn,
Enables a strong bond between the student and teacher,
Allows students to appreciate their own skills,
and the skills of each other,
Makes lessons relevant,
Lessons have tangible meaning,
Lessons have understandable pieces,
Insures that each lesson has functionality,
Speaks to the needs of the student,
Engages the students in the learning,
Activates many parts of their brain,
Proves its value quickly,
Empowers the student with high self esteem,
Creates benchmarks for growth,
Makes a clear and understandable path to a goal,

If teaching in school were approached with a more organic style of learning, then we would see more progress and positive momentum in our schools and society.

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